PHP Type Juggling Vulnerability


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Pub. on 2022-12-16
Type Juggling / Type Coercion

Consider the following program:

$example_int = 7 $example_str = "7" if ($example_int == $example_str) { echo("successful comparison") }

This program will run without errors and output 'successful comparison'. Somewhat just like Javascript behaviour in int and str comparisons

Here's more:

("7 puppies" == 7) // True ("Puppies" == 0) // True (0 == "Admin_Password") // True
Conditions of Exploitation
  • It's not always exploitable, most often needs to be combined with a deserialization flaw.
  • That's because POST, GET parameters and Cookie values are, most of the time, passed as strings or arrays into the program. If a POST parameter is passed as a string, no type conversion would be needed i.e.
("0" == "Admin_Password") // False
  • However, if an app accepts input via functions like json_decode() or unserialize(), it's possible for the end-user to specify the type of input passed in
{"password": "0"} {"password": 0} // Here the attacker exploits type juggling
  1. Just like in Javascript, use strict comparison operators
// loose comparison operator vs strict comparison operator (7 == "7") // True (7 === "7") // False
  1. Specify the 'strict' option for functions that compare e.g. in_array() uses loose comparison by default but can be switched to type-safe comparison by specifying the strict option
  2. Avoid typecasting before comparison
(7 === (int)"7_string") // True
** THE END **